How to find the best bathroom remodeling contractor for your home

Tips on finding the best bathroom remodeling contractor for your home

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Bathroom remodeling is huge project that is difficult to tackle on your own. Even the most seasoned do-it-yourselfers choose to hire a contractor when remodeling the bathroom because it can include plumbing, electrical work, drywalling, tiling and fixture installation.

Finding the right bathroom remodeling contractor is essential. Consider these questions to ensure you're getting the best quality and service for your money.

How do I find the right restroom contractor?

A bad restroom remodeling job can be disastrous for your restroom remodeling project, not to mention expensive to fix. You need to be sure you're hiring a professional restroom contractor who has the skills to remodel the restroom as you want it.

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a restroom contractor. Ask around to your friends, neighbors and family if they've hired a restroom contractor to remodel the restroom, and if so, would they recommend them?

Look online for reviews on your potential restroom contractor as well. Don't just hire the first person whose ad you come across. Make sure you interview them and ask for references from previous jobs, and follow up on those.

Once you've narrowed down your list of potential restroom remodeling contractors, arrange for them to come to your home, go over the plans for how you want to remodel the restroom and get a written estimate.

make sure your bathroom remodeling contractor is a licensed plumber if you are dealing with plumbing work for a tub or shower.

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Is your bathroom remodeling contractor a licensed tradesman?

This is especially important when dealing with bathroom remodeling. Depending on how much remodeling the bathroom needs, chances are you'll need at least a licensed plumber to deal with piping and water issues. You may also require an electrician if the work requires rewiring for new lighting schemes.

It's important to know if the bathroom contractor you're considering is licensed in these trades, and if not, how will he ensure the work is completed by a licensed professional?

Is your restroom contractor insured?

Any reputable restroom contractor should be covered with insurance, not only to protect himself but to protect your home in case of unforeseen damages. If your restroom contractor isn't insured, think about whether that's a risk you want to take with your home and your plans to remodel the restroom.

Sure, they may quote less for the restroom remodeling but could cost you more in the long run.

Ask if your bathroom remodeling contractor can design the bathroom if you aren't sure how to design yourself.

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Is your bathroom remodeling contractor a designer?

You may find a bathroom remodeling contractor that is the full package, meaning they take care of everything having to do with your bathroom. From the initial design to the final floor tile, they take care of you when remodeling the bathroom. Others may expect you to give them all your bathroom design expectations for them to execute.

Will your bathroom contractor buy the fixtures and decorative items?

A bathroom remodeling contractor will purchase everything included in your design scheme, like the sink, toilet and cabinet. Ask if you can buy some of the items needed, like the towel bars, lighting fixtures and even the toilet.

If you can buy some of the materials yourself, it can save you money on remodeling the bathroom. Remember, if your bathroom contractor is purchasing all the items, you'll also have his commission tacked onto his final price.

Ask your restroom contractor if he guarantees his work in case any repairs are needed down the road.

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Does your restroom contractor guarantee his work?

Having your restroom contractor guarantee his work is essential. As a homeowner, you need to ensure that if there are any problems down the line, like your new bathtub starts leaking, your restroom contractor should be on the hook to fix this.

Ask the restroom contractor how he plans on fixing any issues that do arise. Before you make your final payment for the restroom remodeling project, make a list of everything that was included in the contract for your restroom remodeling. Do a walk-through to ensure everything is completed to your specifications.

If there's a list of small items unfinished and your restroom contractor “promises” to come back, withhold your final payment until all work is complete. A good rule of thumb is to figure out what those items cost, double the amount, and withhold it from your final payment until the bathroom contractor completes the work.