10 Advantages to hiring a handyman for your home repair projects


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There are a lot of home repair projects you can undertake and it's important to know when to hire a handyman, when to do it yourself or when to hire a contractor. From getting the “honey-do” list complete to saving money, we have 10 reasons you should hire a handyman for your home repairs.

Hiring a handyman can help finish many home repairs on your honey do list.

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1. Complete your “honey-do” list

With any home, there's a nearly endless list of home repairs to complete. If you notice your honey-do list getting longer instead of shorter, consider using handyman services to help get through the list.

Did you buy some new furniture only to realize there's five pages of instructions and a couple hundred pieces to put together? Save yourself the hassle, this is an ideal job for a handyman.

Other jobs to consider hiring a handyman for: small projects like changing light fixtures, touching up paint, hanging window treatments, pictures or mirrors.

2. By using handyman services, you can spend your time how you want

There's a lot of little home repairs and maintenance projects most people think they can handle on their own. But let's face it, life is busy.

You work all day, and come home without the energy to tackle home repairs. On the weekend, you're on the go, with kid's activities and spending time with friends and family.

Utilize professional handyman services and all those little projects can be achieved in a single day. Handyman services can tackle a variety of home repairs and to-do's so when you come home, you can spend your time doing the things you love.

Professional handyman services can ease the frustration of tackling difficult tasks like cleaning gutters.

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3. A professional handyman can save you the frustration and potential injury

There are some home repairs that are simply more difficult, or dangerous, for you to handle on your own. Don't get yourself frustrated trying to balance on a ladder and clean out your gutters, replace missing shingles or touch up paint.

A professional handyman is skilled at tasks like this and likely more comfortable climbing ladders or walking on a roof than you are. Save yourself potential injuries by hiring a handyman for these types of jobs.

This is especially important for elderly and disabled homeowners who are unable to complete home repairs and maintenance on their own.

4. Selling your house? Hire a handyman to make your home more appealing

A lot of people don't consider the resale value of their home, and how much a little TLC can do for upping the value.

A professional handyman can give the exterior and interior of your house the facelift it needs to boost the value and quicken the sale of your home.

If your home has minor damage to the exterior, like missing shingles, peeling paint or loose siding, hiring a handyman to repair, refresh or replace these items can be a cost-effective way to improve the value of your home.

Even if you aren't selling, the visual appeal of a fresh coat of paint makes a huge difference for your home.

If you're in over your head with tasks like putting together this kids swing set you should consider hiring a handyman.

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5. You're in a little over your head

You may like to consider yourself a jack-of-all-trades but some home repairs can be out of your comfort area.

Maybe you need to replace a faucet, wire a ceiling fan, or put together your child's new playground equipment.

There's nothing wrong with admitting you're in over your head. By hiring a professional handyman, you can make sure these installations go smoothly and safely.

Let's face it, no one will be happy if your brand-new dishwasher is installed wrong and your kitchen floods with soapy water. Let a professional handyman handle this one.

6. A handyman has a variety of skills to complete different tasks

Just because you have several home repairs it doesn't mean they're all related skill-wise. Most people don't have a full set of tools ready to go to tackle every job that arises, let alone the skill to handle them.

The advantage to hiring a handyman is they are skilled in multiple tasks and can handle a variety of home repairs easily. They have all their own tools too. If you've got a list of repairs that cover a wide range, like touching up paint, caulking or replacing shingles, handymen are ideal.

Hiring a handyman for small plumbing jobs can save a lot of money.

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7. Minor Plumbing work can cost less than you think

Many things can go wrong when dealing with plumbing and it's common for people to be apprehensive about replacing a toilet, faucet or installing a new bathtub.

For minor plumbing work, a handyman is ideal for the job. This doesn't mean moving plumbing or installing new pipes, that's best left for a licensed plumber. But some handyman services have skilled and licensed professional tradesmen.

If the repair or replacement is a major job and your handyman isn't a licensed plumber, hire out a contractor. For those minor installations, handymen are perfect for the job and will save you money over hiring a plumber.

8. Save money and hire a handyman

One of the biggest advantages to hiring a handyman is you are hiring one person versus several. Maybe you've got a list of home repairs, like installing that toilet, replacing missing shingles or painting the basement.

Sure, you could hire a plumber, a roofer and a painter to do each job individually. You'll pay way more for the services and it's unlikely their schedules will coincide to have your work done in one day.

Many handymen will charge by the hour, so you could hire a handyman to complete all three home repair projects in one day.

Not only are you saving time, you're saving money by hiring one person to complete all the repairs at an hourly rate.

Handyman services can help with home repairs and regular maintenance like replacing shingles on your roof.

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9. Protect your house with routine maintenance

Routine maintenance often gets overlooked and many home owners simply don't have the time to keep up.

At the same time, you don't want to fall behind on maintenance issues that can damage your house and cost more money in the long run.

You don't really want to clean out those gutters every spring, fall, or after every major storm, right? How about those missing shingles that could cause a leak in the roof?

Hiring a handyman to worry about the routine maintenance issues saves a lot of frustration, time and, in the long run, money.

As mentioned earlier, this is important for elderly or disabled homeowners who can't complete the work themselves. Some handyman services can even help with general yard upkeep for those unable to keep up with yard maintenance.

10. Small building projects

When it comes to building projects, remember size matters.

If you have a small building project, like building a new deck or porch or building a new fence, these are ideal for a handyman.

When it comes to long-term projects or major remodeling, it's best to go with a contractor. Especially if the building projects require specialized trades, like electricians and plumbers. If your handyman is licensed in a skilled trade they may be able to complete the project.

If it's a major project, go with a contractor. If the building project only requires little things or a short amount of time, a handyman is the way to go.