How to find the best home painters in Cambridge

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Your home is the most personal space you have, and painting it is one of your most important home improvement projects. If you’ve never hired Cambridge painters before, you probably don’t know where to start. Don’t hire just anyone to paint your house, let us help you find the best professional painters in Cambridge that meet all your needs.

Common questions people ask are:

  • “How can I find painters in Cambridge?”
  • “How do I know which Cambridge painters I can trust?”
  • “I found some painters in Cambridge but how do I decide which to hire?”
  • “What things should I ask the painters?”

We’ve broken down everything you need to know about how to find Cambridge painters and painting contractors, and how to decide which painter will meet your needs.

Go to a paint store in Cambridge

Finding reputable painting contractors in Cambridge can be difficult. Visit a paint store near your home in Cambridge, or a Home Depot or hardware store. Chances are, many painting contractors in Cambridge shop in the store and the associates can give you some names. Remember that not all painting contractors in Cambridge will paint both interiors and exteriors, so be sure to specify which you’re looking for.

Ask your friends, family and neighbors

Word of mouth is a great tool for finding Cambridge painters. When someone is happy with a painting contractor they spread the word. And alternately, if there were issues with a certain painter, people will tell others. If you noticed a great exterior paint job on a neighbor’s house, ask them who their painting contractor was. Use message boards to find painters in Cambridge. Many Cambridge painters will put business cards on public message boards. Community boards are great for finding painting contractors in Cambridge because they may have smaller businesses with less advertising than larger ones. If you can’t find community boards, go online. Finding Cambridge painters online won’t be too difficult, however don’t just look at customer reviews on a website to determine which painter you want to hire. Often, reviews are not from real customers so don’t base your decision solely on online reviews. Speak to at least three painting contractors Once you have at least three painting contractors in Cambridge in mind (it doesn’t hurt to have more) let the research begin. What we mean by research is simple. There’s some basic questions you should ask the painters or painting contractors you meet with. These will help ensure that you’re hiring an experienced, professional painter for your home.

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Questions to ask before hiring your potential painters or contractors:

  1. Does this painting contractor paint interiors or exteriors?
    Are you painting the interior or exterior of your home, or are you looking for someone to paint both? Some painters may not do both so ask up front if the painting contractor does interiors, exteriors or both. If one painter only does interiors but offers to do your exterior, you may want to go with one who is qualified for both.
  2. Are the painters insured?
    Insurance is one of the most important things to look for when hiring painters in Cambridge. Insurance will cover any damage to your property should anything go wrong. An uninsured painter could come back to haunt you if any of your belongings are damaged and they can’t replace or repair them. It’s up to you if you want to take the risk with an uninsured painter, but we recommend hiring a painter who is.
  3. How do I know I can trust them?
    You need to be sure you can trust the people working in your home. Ask if the painting contractors do the work themselves, if they have employees or if they subcontract the work out. If they have employees, they are covered under insurance. Ask if the painting contractors have Workmen’s Compensation for their employees in Cambridge, because this will cover you from liability should anyone be injured on your property while working. Ask if the contractors do background checks on their painters.

    If the painting contractors subcontract the work out, they may not know this person to verify their trustworthiness. They also may not be insured, and chances are the contractor hasn’t done a background check. Subcontractors likely get paid a flat fee as well, so some may try to cut corners and rush your painting project to make more money in less time.
  4. How much do painting contractors in Cambridge charge?
    Let’s face it, price is one of the most important things most people look at when deciding on a painter. Our natural instinct is to save money and choose the lowest bid, but when it comes to painting your home and choosing painters in Cambridge, this isn’t the place to cheap out.

    You get what you pay for, so never take the lowest bid. If one painter is offering to do the job for hundreds of dollars less than the rest, you should question how and why. You don’t have to take the highest bid either, but know that you’re looking for quality over cost in this situation.
  5. How long will the painters be in your home?
    You have a busy life, and you want the job done in a reasonable amount of time. Ask the painting contractors to provide an outline of everything they plan to do - from sanding, to the final coat of paint, to cleaning up - and a timeline of when you can expect each part done.

    Again, you want quality work and not someone who will try and save time by skipping essentials like priming, sanding or applying extra coats as needed.
  6. What kind of warranty or guarantee do painting contractors in Cambridge offer?
    Any professional painter will offer a guarantee on their work. This will cover peeling, chipping, flaking or drastic fading usually within the first couple of years. Ask how their warranty covers issues: Will they return to your home and do touch-ups, how quickly can you expect them to correct issues, etc. A painting contractor should offer a warranty from 1-3 years.
  7. Get a written estimate or bid for the job
    Don’t accept a handwritten quote on the back of a napkin as your estimate or bid for the job. A professional will offer a properly written estimate or bid for you to consider. Ask if they can offer a full proposal.
  8. Do the painting contractors have references?
    We don’t mean online reviews, but an actual list of references you can contact in Cambridge. Don’t just accept the names, follow up with them. Ask if you can contact the references directly, and if you can, ask if you can see the work completed on their house. After you receive the written estimates and bids from all potential painting contractors (within a week, usually) go over each detail and make your decision from there. Ultimately you need to hire someone you trust, who will do the best quality work on your home.